How to Teach a Dog Boundaries

dog boundaries

How to teach your dog boundaries

Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to lay down that’s her own. Puppies like to be around their pack, and that means you guys! So if you often spend time on the couch in the living room, make sure you have a special place nearby designated for your pup – ideally
someplace she can see and hear you so she can feel like she’s a part of the action even though she’s not on the furniture. Puppies really do suffer from FOMO! Decide what her spot will be called, a lot of people will say “place” or “go to bed” when indicating to the
dog that they would like them to retire to their spot.

When your dog tries to jump up on the couch, give a firm “no” while blocking her access to the couch and moving towards her, claiming the space. If you catch her on the couch already, give a firm “off” command and reward with a treat if she gets off on her own volition. Once she’s off the couch, re-direct her to her “place” with a command and a reward when she goes to her place. Offer toys and fun things in her place so she associates that space with positivity and rewards!

For dogs (like people!) knowing what’s off-limits isn’t enough, they also need to know where they CAN go and what they CAN do. As a relatable example, if you visit a friend and they don’t want anyone sitting on a particular piece of furniture, and anytime someone tries to sit down they just say “NO DON’T SIT THERE!” without offering any alternatives places you can sit instead, you’d probably feel pretty uncomfortable and confused. Give alternatives. A combination of “off” and “place/bed” can be very effective. Consistency is key! Decide what the rules will be and stick to them.



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