How to Train a Puppy to Potty Outside

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Timing is everything with elimination training for puppies, and the crate is your biggest asset!

When you take your puppy out of her crate, take her for a walk and when you see her sniffing around and getting ready to eliminate, give a cue of your choice (keep it consistent). I’ve always used “go potty” with my dogs. When she finishes going potty, praise her, give her
a “yes!” “good girl!” and offer a treat. If she does not eliminate outside, return her to her crate and bring her out again in a half an hour to an hour repeating the command to “go potty.” Continue returning her to her crate until she has eliminated outdoors and has earned the right to be free in the house. Let her be out for a few hours and then when she seems ready for a nap, return her to her crate. You can repeat again when you’re ready for her to be out again. If she has a particular mat she eliminates on, you can also move the mat to a location outdoors where you’d like to train her to go.

Make sure you don’t bring her indoors the moment she eliminates. Puppies are very good at learning how to get what they want, so if they think going potty means an end to the outdoor adventures, they will often hold it to try to prolong the fun. Reward with praise and treats, and then give her a few more minutes to enjoy being outdoors before returning home.



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